Why So Emotional?


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For the screen printing project, we had to pick a building on Main Street. I picked Duke’s Pizzeria. I chose to get the building from a side angle. I had to use at least three layer. My layers were photographic, shape and line. For the photographic layer, I used the front of the building with the exclusion of the windows. For the shape layer, I used the windows in the front and side of the building. In order to create this piece, I needed to print out 8×11 images of each layer for the final piece. After printing, I had to oil up the piece to expose it onto the screens. After doing this step, I had to spread the ink onto the screen and paint rough drafts to test the color combinations. Once I was satisfied with the color combinations, I put it onto the final draft. This project came out successfully.

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Game Feel Design Studio

Screen Shot 2018-10-23 at 11.27.44 PMScreen Shot 2018-10-23 at 11.28.51 PM

Screen Shot 2018-10-23 at 11.27.30 PM.png

The concept for my group’s tortoise and the hare game is a tortoise and a hare working together to escape animal control. The tortoise can break walls swim and can carry the hare across water. The hare can jump to reach higher places than the tortoise. Both characters need to reach their goals as well before they can finish and escape.

For this project, our group decided to create a game with two playable characters. The tortoise and the hare. These characters are trying to escape a laboratory; however they need to work together to do so. There will be a series of puzzles in the level in order to help both of the animals escape. The tortoise can’t jump, but he can break through weak walls, swim through water and push metal boxes. The hare can jump to high places, which the tortoise cannot do. The hare can also ride the tortoise across water hazards if necessary.

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Turn and Sit


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Visual Instrument


My concept for the visual instrument project is to use abstract shapes that can overlap each other as well as be seen through each other. This would create more colors as they overlapped. I would like the visual to change to different abstractions after a set amount of time to create more visual effects rather than seeing the same visual for the whole duration of the video. The change in visual will line up with the beat of the music. The abstractions that are on the screen go along with the music as well. The variety in color will be appealing to the eye, and the piece consisting of ¬†abstraction will make them focus on the color and the flow of the music itself. The purpose of this project is to create an unrealistic space for the viewer to separate themselves from reality. The piece needs to have less of a realistic feeling. That is why i have decided on using abstraction. Abstraction doesn’t allow the viewer to connect the shapes or visuals with anything that is material. My concept allows the viewer to focus on the work itself and all its aspects rather than a story behind it.



For my visual instrument project, I used various color rectangles and squares that matched the beat, and rhythm of the music. I had to perform this piece in front of an audience to fulfill the requirement of performing which could be essential to the future when working in my job field. To create this piece, I used After Effects to create my abstract clips. Then, I divided those clips up into sections, so I could use my controller to change from clip to clip. My controller was an xbox controller. I was able to use this with my project by coding in Max.

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Step Up and Jump

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Screen printing test

Since our class is doing a screen printing project, we tested our positives and the results came out tough at first, but after a few tries with the screen, the positives started having better quality.

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