Progress for Comic And Self-Portrait

I decided to create a comic based off of the Greek Mythology creation story. I did the research for the story and looked up the artwork for the time of the Ancient Greek. I am brainstorming ideas for how to create the comic to represent the creation story of Greek Mythology.


For my Self-Portrait I have drawn a rough draft of the pose I want to do. I am still deciding what medium I want to use to create the final draft of the self-portrait.

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“Discobolus (Discus Thrower).” Soprintendenza Speciale per I Beni Archeologici Di Roma. N.p., n.d. Web. 05 Apr. 2017.

For my skeleton project I decided to draw a skeleton inside of a sculpture. I used charcoal to color in the skeleton. I shaded darker in some areas and lighter than others to give the skeleton less of a two dimensional look and give it depth. Another thing I noticed as I was creating my piece is the skeleton was in an awkward pose because of the position the body was in. I tried to get my drawing at the center of the piece so that it is the focal point as well. The rib cage is the darkest part of the piece; therefore, it becomes the main focal point of the entire piece because the rest of the skeleton is lighter in color. This project will help me in digital media and animation because it will help give a character form in the future.


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Character “Me” post 1

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Room Project post 3

For my Intro to 3D Animation class I had to create a observatory for a room. We had to make it look realistic through textures and lighting after modeling the room.The feature in the room I think I did the best on was the giant telescope. The texture along with the lighting gives it the metallic look it needed. Another feature I did good on was the floor and walls. They both have a seamless look and there is nothing that is cutting off the design making it look sloppy.

I could have worked a little better with some of the lights. Some look out of place. Another flaw is the trees in the piece. They are too cleanly cut which most trees are not as cleanly cut as I had made them. The final part that could have been improved was the chair hanging from the ceiling. There is not enough detail in it even though you can tell what the chair is. Outside of those minor issues, I am proud of my piece and think I completed my assignment well.

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Reflection and Movement Critique

Today in class we had a critique of our reflection piece. The students had to point out things we could improve on. For my piece a few suggestions were made. My paper is not clean and must be cleaner for future reference. Also, since the xbox was darker than a lot of the composition it made it appear more important than it actually was. Next time I will need to lighten it up so it appears less important. My face on the other hand could’ve used more shading to make it more obvious than it was. The face was the intended focal point so for the next time, it needs to be shaded. Like the xbox, my chair in the piece could’ve been shaded lighter as well, so for future reference, the chair must be lighter as well.

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Reflection and movement

For my reflection piece I sat outside my suite’s window. I drew outside first so I could quickly capture the movement of the man in front of me. I had to use figure drawing because that was the fastest method to capture the man. Then, I started to draw the stairs and sidewalk. For most of the piece I needed to create a three dimensional effect. Since I had to do this both inside and out, depth was applied to my piece. Shading parts of the piece also helped to create depth. For what was on my mind, I put in an xbox on the drawers to the side because one of my suite mates where playing Xbox; however, it’s small and to the side because I was ignoring it. This may help me in the future if I need to create a reflective effect while also putting movement in the work.

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Room Project Post 2

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