Intermediate Animation Self Critique

Throughout the year, in my Intermediate Animation, I have learned a lot of new material that I did not know before. When I was going into this semester, I knew how to do basic modeling in Maya; however, by the conclusion of this course I learned how to make objects move and incorporate the principles to animation into my work. As the semester went on the movement of my animations started to flow better than when I first started animating. Although the movement still could use more work, it has improved significantly. I could have also paid more attention to smaller details to make the movement of the animation seem a little more realistic. Throughout most of my works, the timing and spacing of the frames were overall good, but in certain areas I could’ve spaced out the frames a little more. While my work has improved from the first class, I still need to do some extra work to improve my animations even more. For the remainder of my time here at Alfred State, I will focus on all the details in my animation to make my work even better.


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