Wood and Clay Marionette

For my puppet I decided to make the entire body mad of wood. The parts to the arms, feet and legs are all the same length. The hands and shoulders are roughly cut a quarter of the arms, feet and legs parts. The torso was the largest piece of wood. Then I made a wire frame in the shape of the head. After the frame was completed, newsprint paper was inserted into the wire frame. Then the clay was layered over top of it. The nose was constructed from the original clay head and so were the lips, but the eyes, ears, hair, beard, and eye brows were applied after the heads form was made. The final step was to paint it. I used gouache paint for my puppet. The red and black in the body, arms and legs worked with each other, but I used a different approach with the face. I used my features to determine facial colors. The yellow represents my blonde hair. My eyes are blue and I am always called pale, so the skin is white.

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