Room Project post 3

For my Intro to 3D Animation class I had to create a observatory for a room. We had to make it look realistic through textures and lighting after modeling the room.The feature in the room I think I did the best on was the giant telescope. The texture along with the lighting gives it the metallic look it needed. Another feature I did good on was the floor and walls. They both have a seamless look and there is nothing that is cutting off the design making it look sloppy.

I could have worked a little better with some of the lights. Some look out of place. Another flaw is the trees in the piece. They are too cleanly cut which most trees are not as cleanly cut as I had made them. The final part that could have been improved was the chair hanging from the ceiling. There is not enough detail in it even though you can tell what the chair is. Outside of those minor issues, I am proud of my piece and think I completed my assignment well.

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