CANON Project

Character: Overlord Darnoc Llork

5 Poses and Emotions:



The measurement I used for my character is the bottom of the beard to the top of the head. The whole body is 5 1/2 heads and beards tall. The torso is 2 1/2 heads and beards. The legs and feet together are 2 heads and beards long. The arms and hands are 2 heads and beards long. The shoulder width is 2 heads and beards long. The foot length and height is one head and beard long. The foot width is 1/2 of a head and beard. The neck length is half a head and beard. the neck height is an eighth of a head and beard. The chest length is one head and beard. The stomach area is 7/8ths of a head and beard. The gloves are 1/2 of a head and beard, and the width of the hands are 1/4th of a head and beard. The cape is 4 1/2 heads and beards long. The crown is 1/8th of  the head and beard. Each pectoral muscle is 1/2 of a head and beard in length and width. The abdominal muscles are 1/2 of a head and beard. Each part of the abdominal muscles are 1/4th of a head and beard. At the base of the armor there is a design that has a circle 1/16th of a head and beard. The head is 3/4ths of a head and beard wide. The ears go halfway down the head. The eyes go 1/4th of the way down the head. The nose extends halfway down the face and starts at the eyebrows. The eyebrows are just above the eyes. The sideburns go halfway down the head and the tip of the hair it right above the eyebrows. The hair on the back of the head goes 3/4ths of the way down the head.The mouth is 1/8th of the way down the beard and the chin is at the halfway point of the beard. The diamond that keeps the cape on if right under the beard and is 1/4th of a head and beard long and is the same length at it’s widest point.


For the canon project I had make a story behind my character. In doing this it helps with character development. I also had to create a character from five different poses and then draw three faces with different emotions.  Each different pose of the character had to be the same pose but at a different angle. Each drawing is the same thing but at a different angle. The drawings had to have a system of measurement that wasn’t standard. So, I decided to use the top of the head to the bottom of the beard. This helps keep the consistency of the character. If things change from drawing to drawing, there is no consistency. This project helped me maintain a good background for the character, showing different emotions for the character and good consistency which help in Digital Media and Animation.

Rough Draft:



Culture: Old Primotavien to New Primotavien- Old Primotavien is a medieval race of people from the Planet Primotav who have not yet discovered space travel. Old Primotavien is the time before the Evilironians (Their enemy planet) crash land on the planet. The natives of Primotav during the time of Old Primotav thought they were the only ones in the universe. The rulers of Old Primotav are labelled as Overlords. These Overlords are Iak, Nhoj and Darnoc Senior. All of these overlords have the power to shoot fire once they became gods. Also, once they become worthy the legendary weapons (the Sword of Light, the Water Scythe and the Fire Dagger) they present themselves to the overlords. Each of these overlords became gods once they did something revolutionary for their Planet. New Primotavien starts half way through the ruling of Overlord Darnoc Senior and continues on until Darnoc’s great great grandson. This starts when Evilironians crash onto Primotav and a war breaks out between the two planets. After the war ends, Primotav expands on space travel for space exploration to improve upon their economy and help them in the advancement race (Which is a race to be the most technologically advanced in the universe).

Biography: Darnoc became a huge part of history the second he was born because he was born of the overlord and god, Nhoj. However, after his birth, no major events were recorded of Darnoc until his fourteenth birthday when his father moved on to the next life and became an immortal god. This placed Darnoc as new Overlord of Primotav. It was a big moment for the new overlord. Not only was he to rule the planet, but he was also the youngest recorded overlord of the planet. His struggles and stress with both political and personal relations turned him into a insane ruler at the age of twenty. From there he started to rule as a psychotic dictator. This caught the attention of the many countries throughout the planet and even that of other planets. By age twenty five a ship crash landed in the capital of Primotav and it rattled the whole planet. Weird aliens emerged from the ships and Darnoc killed them because they had destroyed part of their capital. Then technicians were hired to research the ship and make more with enhancements so Darnoc could declare war on this foreign planet. When he did declare war, the war raged on for many years. When the war was over Darnoc was thirty and had lost an eye. His fake eye became an iconic symbol for bravery in Primotav. With this becoming a symbol Darnoc created a new flag for Primotav and that eye was on it. The war caught the attention of a legendary God called EJB. Darnoc was reluctant to make alliances with anyone but after years of convincing they became allies and a few more years became close friends. Many events happened to Darnoc throughout the time to strengthen their friendship. One such event dealt with the planet known as Planet Gabriel. This planet was ruled by King Gabriel and his daughter Sinthia. Darnoc had some interplanetary affairs that went wrong. This put Darnoc on Gabriel’s bad side; however, Sinthia ended up falling for Darnoc because of the time they spent together. This put strain on them because the dad forbid the relationship. In the end, a war broke out between Primotav and Planet Gabriel. Since Darnoc’s main focus was on the military and he had EJB and his army on his side, Primotav’s military was significantly stronger and had a bigger force against Planet Gabriel. This made Darnoc triumph. EJB helped Darnoc in many battles to follow against these two planets. As his reward for victory Darnoc took half the planet’s profits and permission to marry Sinthia. By the age of thirty six Darnoc married Sinthia and since then Darnoc became more sane. He went from a psychotic dictator to a benevolent ruler who helped everyone. Darnoc even opened trade with planets who Primotav hadn’t went to war with. A little bit after that Darnoc and Sinthia had a prince born. The final recorded event of Darnoc was five years after the birth of the prince. Darnoc was forty five. He was about to make a speech to create the United Planets of the Galaxy. This would have created a peace-making force to try to support galactic peace. Darnoc approached the pedestal to make his speech. Citizens from thirty three out of the thirty five planets in the galaxy attended this speech. The two planets who didn’t attend where Eviliron and Planet Gabriel: the two planets Darnoc made enemies with in his time as overlord. Darnoc had no idea what the two planets were planning. The plan began at this speech he was going to make. When Darnoc was at the pedestal about to speak, an arrow shot him in the heart. This forced the mighty ruler to his knees. When he hit his knees to the ground, an arrow went through his head as well. Within a matter of seconds, the best overlord Primotav has ever had and will ever have was assassinated. This sent Primotav into a downward spiral until Darnoc’s son led a rebellion once he turned sixteen. When he won, the son made sure that his father was seen as the hero and the god he was to Primotav. Darnoc was born a big deal and ended up being the best ruler of the planet.

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