This robot was created to protect mankind, but the programming was corrupted by an evil mastermind and started destroying cities because that was what the mastermind programmed him to do.


img_9935 img_9936img_9862

My marionette was made with origami boxes to make the form of a scorpion. Its flow it in the arms and the tail of it. The design of the scorpion is modular. It has a consistent pattern of boxes with one box that has scale change in the back because it is smaller than the rest. This symbolizes the end of the tail. My design for this marionette is mostly unity because of the same shape being used throughout the project. The only difference in this design is the smaller square at the end of the tale. While this is different, it does not impact the flow of the marionette in a negative way. Since the design is only squares, it helps someone to stay focused on the one pattern created. The marionette has a flow, a consistent pattern with a little scale change, balance, and unity. To create this we had to use modular design. While the concept for my project change a few times, the end result was a success.

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