Self Portrait Collage


For the Self-Portrait collage I had to pick certain objects that describe me. I chose Mickey Mouse for two reasons: Disney was my original inspiration for the DMA major and Mickey is a cheerful positive character, and I’ve got the same attitude as him. Then I picked Pistachios because those are my favorite kind of nut. I conveniently placed them in the head of Mickey because my friends and family call me crazy. A synonym for crazy is “nutty”. I put the stretching rope in the hat area because when the time comes for a stressful situation or something important comes up, I always stress myself out. I put the cheese balls in the pants area because I eat a lot of cheese balls and they go right to my gut. Then I chose the track and field and cross country circle because I am a runner. The background is intentionally red because red is my favorite color.

A majority of this piece consists of brighter and warmer colors. The piece is overpowered by reds and oranges. Very little yellow is used in the piece. The blues and oranges are opposites in the piece making them compliments of each other. Red has no compliment. It just dominates the entire piece. The black in the piece helps form the Mickey and a darker shade of that black helps separate the pistachio bag from the faded black of the Mickey.

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