The Mask

img_9306 img_9305 img_9307

For this assignment I made a mask with Bristol paper and tape. My mask is supposed to represent some form of an ancient military helmet. We had to fit the mask specifically to our face as part of this assignment. I started off by shaping the forehead part of the mask. From there, I worked my way down. Each measurement had to be precise otherwise it would not have fit to my face; therefore, each part of the mask was done with smaller cuts of paper. The mask project relates to DMA because the mask is used to help me with three-dimensional modeling, which will be important in the future of animating. The project was difficult because I had to take apart the mask and put it back together to make it fit my face; however, all of the taking it apart, putting it together again and all the small little measurements helped me successfully complete this project.

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