Final Animation Research

Berthold Bartosch is a stop motion animator. While he didn’t have a lot of animations produced or participated in a lot of them, he effectively used methods and techniques of animation to create his films.  Bartosch’s techniques he used were unique and set him apart from other animators.

Berthold Bartosch was known for his one surviving film: “L’Idee”.”L’Idee” means the Idea. “L’Idee was a stop motion animation film which had a naked girl as the main character. This girl represents the ideas of a thinker. This girl also goes out into the world and as a result of this many people try to get her some clothes. One man even tries to stand up for her but in the end is executed. Another effect of her going out into the world is a revolution of big business workers. The film was based off of Frans Masereel’s novel with the same name as the film. The novel has the same plot as the film. Bartosch was good with atmospheric effect which is what he did great with in “L’Idee”. The film had a depth to it. While being made up of only cut outs, the film still shows depth. Bartosch shows depth by making certain characters smaller as they go back in the distance. The same technique was used for buildings as well. In order to make this film, Bartosch made everything out of cardboard cut outs and animated them by photographing them through moving panes of glass. These panes were superimposed with scenery similar to that of something on a moving stage. Bartosch also tinted the glass with black ink which gave it a glow. It took Bartosch two years to work on this film. This animation has 45,000 frames which Bartosch animated all by himself. For its time this film was an innovation to animation. It’s technique was different and it had a poetic feel to it. Bartosch came into this film with great credentials because he had previously assisted Lotte Reiniger in one of his films: “The Adventures of Prince Achmed”. This was another film Bartosch showed atmospheric effect quite well on. “The Adventures of Prince Achmed” was the first full length animation and one of the most captivating fairy tales of the time. The film was a silhouette film. This meant the entire film consisted of only shadows of a figure. The film was about Prince Achmed trying to save his sister and also falling in love with a fairy ruler. Throughout the animation had amazing color and tinting to it with the assistance of Ruttman and Bartosch. While not the main creator of this animation, Bartosch still help a major role in assisting Reineger.

Bartosch was one of many stop motion animators. However, like most animators, something made him unique. Bartosch had his own set of skills that made his participation and creations of films different from every other animator. Although he didn’t have a lot of films, what he did do was successful.


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