Color Scheme


The color scheme of “Grandpa’s Closet is Monochromatic. Each color used is a different tone/shade/tint. The colors change slightly from one letter to the next. The background is included in this color scheme. The color scheme I used demonstrates contrast because one shade is slightly different then the shade that follows. This ultimately results in a very different color from the beginning to the end. Although it is not shown in this color scheme, it is clear that if I continued on with the slight changes in color the end result would end up being black, white or gray.

The color scheme of “Sunset Over the Sea is different however. It is not monochromatic because it has yellows, oranges, reds and blues. While there is a slight color variation used the color scheme is more analogous. Most of the colors follow each other on the color wheel. The exception to this is the blue which is complementary with one of the types of orange. There are two types of color schemes at work in “Sunset over the Sea”: analogous and complementary.


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