Artist Talk Response

I went to Alfred University to talk to the artist who’s exhibit was coming out. He gave me some advice about going into the field, what the field was about and how I should get started in the field. He even gave me some of his own experiences in the field. It was interesting to get to know his take on Digital Media and Animation.

When the artist was telling me about his experiences he told me how he started small and worked his way up. He also gave me advice on how to start off. Looking for internships are a good way to start. If you can work your way up and start small, you can get the experience you need to one day make it big in the field. The artist also told me how he worked within businesses in the field to get his experience up. It is best to get experience from within places and not to jump right into something. It is better to know every aspect of the art before trying to do your own thing. He told me about someone he knew who helped in pixar as well and some of his experiences. Then, we talked about how the program at Alfred State can help me. The artist told me that starting with the basics is good. The basics of both digital media and animation and graphic design are important to the major itself. It helps you get that attention to detail which is necessary in both majors. He also told me to take advantage of the professors and technology at the school. Both of these are the key to success at Alfred State and my future.

At the artist talk I got a chance to talk to the artist himself. He gave me great advice going into the career field that I chose. He used some of his experiences to show how the points he was making were based off of his own personal experiences. It was great to talk to the artist, and I will keep his advice in mind as I progress into the future.

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