17 Days (Journals 3-19)

Day 1/ Journal 3:

The video uses a series of colors to create the mood. When there was duller moments the color was grey, black and white. However, at more exciting times the video had brighter colors. Another aspect of the video was the use of lines. Most of the video consisted of lines to create objects or figures such as faces, and landscapes. Smooth, curved lines created a majority of the landscapes, and short, jagged lines created facial features. Shapes where shown in the video to create objects as well. An example of this was the phone.

Day 2/Journal 4:

The video shows what appears to be a woman sleeping; however, there is a slow transition in part of the video where part of the woman’s body becomes transparent and seems to reveal something furry or something that has hair. Depth is shown on the body that is laying down. While a majority of the body was dark because no light was shining on it, the upper part of the body seemed to have light shining on it. This effect gives the video depth. The emphasis is supposed to be on the body. The viewers eyes are drawn to the body which takes away from the gentle movement of the curtain in the background. The body is the focal point of the entire video.

Day 3/Journal 5:

In this video, it was filmed on a roof. Someone used a camera and pointed it at certain locations on the roof. Then had brief scenes where a woman pops in too. The creator of the video probably took quick videos of the woman standing and inserted them into the original video on the roof tops. This method was probably used to make the woman pop in and out without the necessity to walk on screen.

Day 4/Journal 6:

The use of color tells a lot in this video. For most of the video the color is black and white. The mood has a depressing feeling to it. The person in the video moves slow which helps emphasize that sad and depressing feeling. However, the color comes to the video in the end which gives a feeling of hope and happiness. However, the look on the woman’s face helps show happiness as well because she smiles at the very end.

Day 5/Journal 7:

The video has a set up like a collage with bright colors and objects everywhere. Each part of this video has some significance to the person who made the video. There are spots for videos which show the woman participating in certain activities. One of these activities shows the woman at the beach. The water is gentle and everything is peaceful. Another activity appears to be her pulling kids on a sled across a field. Another peaceful scene. The final activity appears to be a picnic. Each of the scenes have a peaceful atmosphere which makes the attitude of the video peaceful.

Day 6/Journal 8:

The video looks like it was recorded some time in history. The flashing of the lighting, the lines that cut through the video and the fact that the lighting all gives the video the appearance of an old recording that was once lost. The movements of the man in the video are both quick and choppy. The movements are not slow and they don’t flow like they would if it was recorded on todays video equipment. The transition from different slides is not smooth either. It is obvious the film was made on a film reel because each time the scenery changes the viewer can see the transition from a different reel.

Day 7/Journal 9:

The video had many principles shown in it. The first scene showed symmetrical balance. The building structure was symmetrical because what ever was on one side of it was on the other side as well. Another part of the scene that was symmetrical was the person and her movements. Whenever the person moved one part of her body, the other side would make a similar or the same movement. The second scene shows a woman with a hand touching her. Another body isn’t shown aside from the woman, but the viewer can see the arm touching the woman is not her own. The scene might show less of principles and elements and more of a message. The message might be that of absence or loss. The next scene has a woman leaned up against a mirror and moving very slow. She stares at her own reflection as she continues to move slow. The scene that follows seems to separate the people. The is the woman in the background dancing in a room; however, in a separate room closer to the viewer is another area people dance in. This seems to have separation between the two areas. The final scene shows contrast between the woman sitting and the women. The women walking have quicker movements, but the woman sitting has slow, smooth and fluent movements. Each woman walking has a variation of paces and ways that they walk, but none come close to the smoothness and slowness of the woman sitting.

Day 8/Journal 10:

This video showed a couple different people doing weird dance moves along with a variety of other actions. The people appear to be recorded but the background is not. I feel the people where the intended focal point of the video but with everything going on in the background, it took away from the people. Since there are many vibrant colors and weird objects in the background, that is what stands out more than anything else.  Although the people’s weird actions do draw some attention of the viewer, the background definitely takes away from the people.

Day 9/Journal 11:

This video was a computer animation. It has a  person-like figure flying and walking through areas of what appears to be a desolate wasteland. The flag says that the land is probably the United States.The smaller videos shown within the video demonstrate the destructive behavior of people. Most of the videos had explosions in them. However, other elements in the video might have represented human’s destructive behavior. For example, one scene showed bottles falling has the human-like figure flew on the screen. The bottles may have represented the pollution human’s have brought into the environment.

Day 10/Journal 12:

The cracks consist of a bunch of curved and jagged lines. The farther away from the source of the cracks the more smooth the lines become. However, closer to the source of the cracks, the shorter and more jagged the lines get. The object represents that of a triangle. Most of the area in the background is blank space, and the cracks take up a lot of the foreground of the piece.

Day 11/Journal 13:

In this video people were describing their dreams, and their heads resemble what their dreams were. A form of symbolism was used to change their head’s appearances. To create the new heads it looked like they had to animate them. The bodies of the people were live action but the heads were definitely animated. The had less detail to them which gave them that unrealistic look.

Day 12/Journal 14:

In this video the Gestalt theory is used. The area where the woman would be wearing a dress is not shown. This forces your mind to create the dress. Even though there is nothing there the viewers mind tries to create something through closure. Also throughout the video, various body parts of the woman are created and multiplied. This creates an abstract look to the video. Also, other images such as a deer head and a fish head were shown. Even an explosion and stars created the background of the video.

Day 13/ Journal 15:

This video is repeating the same set of images. The mood of the film is depressing. The speaker of the video seems to have been beaten down. His speech is not quite that of an inspirational speech. Also, the pictures in the video have a lonely feeling to it. Swings have no one swinging on it. A person with what appears to be two ghosts going around it, a tree all alone in the field. When watching this video I had a feeling of hopelessness and depression.

Day 14/Journal 16:

In this video lines and shapes form the entire piece. The lines created shapes, and the shapes created forms that had a pixellated look to them. The piece seemed to slide to one side as more lines and shapes were formed. The forms that were created looked like that of a video game. Also, for each form, a similar color scheme was used, but when the form changed the color scheme changed. This separated each of the forms from another.

Day 15/Journal 17:

This video is a collage of various buildings. At the start of the video, it appeared that someone had just arrived at the place. The buildings moved along with the music in the background. Sometimes the buildings bounced toward the screen and then toward the middle of the video, everything started to distort. After the distortion the buildings started to bounce to the music again. The occasional people who popped in added humor to the video.

Day 16/Journal 18:

This video shows a collage of what appears to be war zones. War zones are a sad scene because they represent how much death and destruction a human being can create. The video clips appeared to be actual surveillance from these wars. The videos show explosions and the aftermath of each event. This is sad because people lived in these areas that are now desolated. However, the video just demonstrates this as video footage rather than the impact of war.

Day 17/Journal 19:

This video uses charcoal to create images. The charcoal flows into each image with a very smooth motion. However, you can tell this film was created using a flip book-type method. The movement is a frame by frame movement. The mood of the film is very sad. The music is sad and depressing. The sadness on the character’s face shows the depressing feel as well as the narration.

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