Stop Motion Research

Stop motion is neither traditional nor live action animation. Many animators have used

this form of animation. One animator that used stop motion was Yuri Norstein. His

animations included My Green Crocodile, Seasons, Hedgehog in the Fog and The

Overcoat. Each animation does not show live action or traditional animation. What

makes the animation not live action is the fact that the character’s are not real people.

They are flat images. However, this does not automatically make the animation similar

to traditional animation. Stop motion manipulates an object so it appears to be moving,

but traditional animation uses frames and goes frame by frame. The movement in both

traditional and stop motion are not smooth, but unlike traditional animation, stop

motion’s increments are smaller which means the motions are smoother. An example of

the movement of smaller increments is shown in My Green Crocodile. The movement

that is made appears to be more realistic and less choppy. This motion can be achieved

by moving the object a very slight amount. The less the object moves from picture to

picture, the smoother the motion of the objects animated. Norstein gives more life to

the characters in his animations by giving them a more realistic movement; however he

still does not quite present the feeling of a live action film. Norstein uses the elements

of stop motion really well throughout all of his animations.

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