Abstraction Part 2 (Research)

Kinetic Abstraction is one type of abstraction that depends on movement to create a certain effect. One of the abstract animators that represented kinetic abstraction best was Len Lye. In his animations the movement he used creates an effect. For example, in his “Rainbow Dance” animations there is human silhouettes making smooth motions. Each silhouette appears to be dancing, and abstract shapes seem to separate each scene in the animation. Norman McLaren is another kinetic abstract animator. He created animations such as “Neighbours” and “Pas De Deux”. “Neighbours” shows kinetic animation through the movement of the men throughout the animation. Whether its the men fighting each other, or the men protecting the flower, motion is constantly shown throughout the animation. In “Pas De Deux” McLaren has two people dancing together. Motion is shown throughout thus animation because the people are dancing are moving throughout the course of the entire animation. Both McLaren and Lye demonstrate Kinetic animation because they use movement to create an effect in their animations. Both animators successfully use this art of abstract animation to show what they want to show.

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