Be’zier Curves


For my Be’zier curves project I had to create a work using the pen tool to create curves. I decided to make a picture of a dragon flying over a building. The curves in the work are shown through the dragon and the archs on the building. Other elements and principles are shown in the work as well. While most of the work consists of curves, shapes are fluent in the word too. The building, the shadow of the building and the dragon’s hat are all rectangles. The building and the shadow were created using the perspective grid tool, and the hat was created by rotating rectangles. Motion is shown in the dragon. The way the dragon is illustarted makes it look like it is flying in a circle around the building. Texture is shown as well. I used a texture tool to avoid making the work look flat. Depth is shown in the building and the hat the dragon is wearing. The change from a lighter color to a darker color demonstrates the depth in the work.

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