Spatial Translation with Planes


For my Spatial Translation project I took pictures of my Beats headphones. The close up pictures gave the design a more simplistic feeling, minimal art.

A plane is a surface with both a height and a width. It also can potentially create a shape. For this project, I paid more attention to unity in repitition to create my planes. Repitition is used in the color and the shapes. A consistent use of circles and the color red create this principle. Unity is used the same way.

Emphasis is used to focus in on the Beats. The solid, dull color of the background makes the bright red and white of the Beats emphasized. The use of emphasis in the work can also be seen as contrast. The background appears to have less significance in the work because there is no detail to it. The planes which represent the Beats, are the focal point of each drawing; however, that is not what makes the work show contrast. The work shows contrast because of the color.

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