Theory of Abstraction

For my abstraction project I am using a kinetic concept. A kinetic concept of abstraction is when objects have the ability to show movement in real life.  I will be representing the splash and ripple effect a body of water has when something is thrown into it through blue and white paper cut outs. In this abstract project, I will open up with the initial splash. To demonstrate the splash, the cut outs will have to make a unsettled motion which will be crazy and all over the place. Then, following the splash the water will slowly restore itself to it’s peaceful, calm state. This will be the time where the ripples occur. The cut outs will make a slower motion to show the settling of the water. The longer the cut outs form ripples, the smaller they’ll get. Finally, when the video ends, the water will be restored to its previous state before the splash. At this point, little movement will be shown amongst the cut outs in the video so the person watching can tell the water is calm again.

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