Flip book Assignment

For my Survey of Animation and Visual Effects class I created two drafts of a flipbook.
For this project the class was required to watch at least five videos from a list of animators. Each animator had a different style in which the class had to mimic one of the styles. I chose to mimic Otto Mesmer’s style of animation. Otto Mesmer was the creator of Felix the Cat. So I decided to watch five episodes of Felix the Cat: April Maze, Eskimotive, The Smoke Scream, Felix the Cat Gets Revenge and Switches Witches. The shorts inspired me to create the flipbook.

In the flipbook, the character I created was a polar bear. The object that moved on its own was unidentifiable, but towards the end of the flipbook the object appears to be some extra-terrestrial device that ends up abducting the bear at the end of the animation. The influence for the bears motion came from a collection of the Felix the Cat animations I watched before creating the flipbook. In the second draft of the project, I revised the original flipbook. The second draft gave the bear more emotion and any rough spots were made smoother in this draft. The smoothest part is still the part with the exclamation marks. The exclamation marks smoothly transition in and out of the animation to express the bear’s shock. The least smooth part of the animation is still the end part where the bear is getting sucked up into the unidentified object. It was not easy to move the bear and the box into each other, but it is a smoother motion than the first time I tried to do it. Other aspects of the animation that I changed was when the box returned to the animation to suck up the bear, giving the bear more emotion to make it seem more realistic. The final thing I changed in the flipbook was the lines around the bear in frames 26 to 50 of the new animation. In the original draft the lines appeared in frames 27 to 50. The initial point of the lines were to show the bear trembling as the box slowly abducted him; however, I thought it would’ve seemed more creative if I turned those lines into a beam that helped abduct the bear. All the changes I made brought the animation to life and gave it a more creative spark.

The flipbook I made for my Survey of Animation and Visual Effects class was supposed to be about a character looking at something in shock when it moves by itself. I did just that, but added my own creative spark to it and had the bear get abducted at the end. The flipbook was inspired by five different Felix the Cat animations I had to watch before creating the book. The films helped me give my character a look of shock when the object moved on its own. The project was a lot of fun to do and I’d definitely like to do this again on my own time, in the future.

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