Week 1 (Journals #1 & #2)

Journal 1:

Golden Mean, Golden Ratio, Fibonacci Sequence:


Golden Mean- The Golden Mean is similar to the definition of the Golden Ratio.

Golden Ratio- A number found by dividing a line so the longer part divided by the smaller part equals the entire length divided by the longer part.

Fibonacci Sequence- A number series where the two numbers before it equal the third number.


Journal 2:


“The Great Wave off Kanagawa”, Katsushihika Hokusai, 1830-1833



I painted a television stand. I painted The Great Wave Off Kangawa, by Katsushihika Hokusai. To create this painting, I had to use the elements and principles of design. I started this painting by sketching the main design of the work on top of the stand. Lines were required throughout the painting. The tip of the wave is full of small curved lines. These lines create repetition throughout the waves because they appear consistently. Another principle that is shown is unity. The foam of the wave have the same yellow color which creates the unity in the piece. Rhythm is shown in the piece by the waves. The lines that create the waves steadily flow throughout the painting which is how rhythm is shown. The rhythm is also the reason for the motion created in the piece. The painting is full of similar shades of the color yellow; however, there is also contrast in the piece which is shown through the water in the waves and the boats. They each create a drastic change in color that contrasts them from the faded yellow color everywhere else on the painting.

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