Self Portrait


For my self portrait, I drew a picture  of me running. I used graphite for the whole project, because graphite was what I used for a previous self portrait, so I felt comfortable using it. I used different amounts of shading throughout this project. The background I tilted the pencil to it’s side and slid I back and forth on the paper until the whole background was shaded. On my body and face I shaded too. I shaded along one side of my face to make myself look more realistic, and I shaded a little on my neck for the same reason. The shading on my one arm is there because my arm is over that part, so my arm is the reason for that shading. Then all the shading on the running jersey is to show the jersey moving with the wind. Onto lines. Most of this drawing is made up of curved lines. Examples are my body, my face, my ear, my eyes, my arms, and even my hair. All of these are lines. However, the darkness of these lines are different. As well as shading, the darkness or lightness of the lines created a more realistic look to the portrait. This portrait took a lot of work, but I enjoyed drawing it.

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